Why - Rationale for HCF

The HAT Microserver is a pioneering technology (integrated with economic and legal disciplines) that aims to transform the way in which we use the internet: to properly personalise our interaction across the Internet whilst preserving privacy and, most importantly, putting individuals in control of our own personal data. As such, it provides a solution for many of today’s problems.

At its conception and at the advice of the original Hub-of-All-Things research project, it was realized that proper governance over how the HAT and HAT data exchange works was an essential contributor to the wellbeing of, and utility enjoyed by HAT Owners. Such governance is not the job of government and must go well beyond the remit of ICO and current data protection legislation as HAT ownership crosses physical boundaries. HCF was formed to provide the necessary governance over the commercial interest in the HAT ecosystem as the HAT ecosystem develops.

Although HCF is primarily established for governance of the HAT ecosystem, it also assumes the responsibility to ensure maintenance and development of the HAT open source assets – the baseline HAT technology and ongoing research outputs to ensure that the HAT ecosystem continues to innovate and grow for the benefit of HAT Owners.

Operational responsibility rests with a small board of directors (or trustees) accountable to both the Membership and to HAT Owners through an independent HAT Ethics and Governance Board.