Governance and Operations

The Governance and Operations function of HCF covers:

  • Establishing, maintaining and continuously improving the HAT governance framework comprising, at top level the Articles of Association of HCF, the HAT Governance Protocol (how governance is exercised), the HAT Trust Framework and Code of Practice under the independent supervision of the HAT Ethics and Governance Board.

  • Operating the HAT Governance Protocol ( to provide the Ethics Board and thence HAT Owners with assurance that the HAT ecosystem continues to operate to best serve the interests of HAT Owners everywhere.

  • Ensuring the maintenance and continuous improvement of the HAT open source software and related assets.

  • Management of the HAT Community comprising Members of HCF and HAT Owners.

  • Management of commercial projects undertaken by HCF in furtherance of its aims to effectively govern and innovate the HAT ecosystem (these will normally be delivered using the HAT-LAB resource).

Whilst the HAT Ethics and Governance Board (Ethics Board) is constituted as a Committee of the HCF Board of Directors it has autonomous powers to scrutinize the way in which the HAT ecosystem is being governed and operated to require the HCF Board of Directors to act.

Initially, much of the governance of the HAT ecosystem and maintenance of the HAT open source assets is entrusted to Dataswift, the first exclusive operator of a HAT data exchange, under license from HCF in accordance with the HCF-Dataswift licensing and operating agreement.