The HAT Community Foundation (HCF) is a non-profit organisation promoting the use of private data accounts by individuals, startups, corporations, universities and government.


We aim to spawn a new generation of Internet applications that sit on private data accounts, empowering individuals with their own data. 

Our vision is for every individual to be empowered with a private data account and collectively achieve economic power to influence the future of the Internet





Growing the HAT ecosystem is achieved by signing on new HAT owners as well as new start-ups and partners to build on the HAT platform. The Foundation’s advocacy programme support citizen movements to access their own data from corporations, and spreads the word through events and social media communications.

HAT Community Foundation works with organisations, startup founders, consultants, funders, government and NGOs to develop HAT applications – new business services and applications built on the HAT Open Innovation Platform and integrated within the HAT trust framework – to help empower individuals with ownership and control over their data.



Regulation of the HAT ecosystem is the certification of applications built “on the HAT” to ensure they are compliant with both the technical standards and values of the HAT trust framework.

HAT Community Foundation takes responsibility for the economic and general health of the HAT ecosystem on behalf of HAT Owners everywhere. HCF develops and maintains the trust framework, codified as the HAT Code of Practice with which all HAT applications and HAT service providers must comply in order to participate in the commercial ecosystem. Compliance is certified by HCF, or another second party HAT accreditation agency.

Organisations (or individuals) wishing to have services or applications certified for admission to the HAT ecosystem should enquire here



Representing all HAT Owners is about championing our rights in this mutually beneficial new infrastructure, shaping its development for the benefit of all.

We work with organisations, governments and non-government organisations (NGOs) to shape the future of the digital economy and the role, rights and expectations of the individual data owners within it.

We represent the interests of HAT Owners in the evolution of the HAT ecosystem, particularly in regard to regulation of the trust framework to ensure that the developing market between data owners and “data buyers” remains balanced and beneficial to both whilst upholding the rights and expectations of the individuals.



The Foundation manages the HAT Open Innovation Platform and open source community events such as hackathons, workshops and meet-ups, and the MadHATTERS magazine.

We continue to work with universities to promote research and development in the personal digital economy. Stay in touch and support our vision as a member of the HAT Foundation.

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