The nation of the Internet (2): Stop fighting for privacy. Start fighting for economic power.

The Internet is a rather strange nation, and quite different from what we are used to.

For one, in this Internet nation where the digital persona is citizen, almost all Internet services are commercial, so the moment we step into the connected digital world we are consuming a service that is provided by an organisation. It’s sort of like when you walk out the door, you need to pay toll for all the sidewalks, roads, parks and corners. whether it’s payment by money or data.

Second, as a digital persona, we don’t really own any of that persona – it’s held in bits and pieces by companies that we interact with, which is sort of annoying because we can’t use it whenever we need it. Our health records are in one place, Our finance records are in another. Every app we sign up to, we have to fill in all our information again and the app controls all our data. And we have to remember another password. We are technologically an inferior citizen on the Internet. The institutions have the far superior tech and can manipulate the digits and data better than we can. They can manipulate with software, bots and AI; we can manipulate with fingers and mouse clicks. In some cases, Google and Facebook will allow us to pick some bits of information out from what they hold and let us share it with a new website or service through a login. We use it and are grateful not to have to remember another password.

Michael Lakeland