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HAT as data guardian - BBC

29 Jan 2019

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HAT on Information Age

22 October 2018

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PCR reports on $66m Chinese fund investment into scale-ups integrating with HATs

4 July 2018

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Engineering, Physical Science Research Council announces £11m of research projects

26 April 2018: HAT-enabled DROPS and PIVELT projects awarded

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Sarah Gordon says it's time to take back control

27 March 2018

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We will make

anonymised data

more useful

January 2018: New regulatory laws mean our information will be shared while maintaining privacy. By Jon Crowcroft

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The data guards fight back - MietSpiegel

29 January 2019

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HAT on the FT

12 September 2018

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Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence talks HAT

16 April 2018, page 33

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Irene Ng writes in LS:N Global on the real battle with GDPR

22 May 2018


HAT in City A.M

27 March 2018

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We will reclaim our personal data

January 2018: New laws will give us power over our private information. By Irene Ng

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Wired 2019 features HAT

28 December 2018

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Anna Maria Tremonti, host of The Current on CBC Radio Toronto talks to Irene on the HAT

13 April 2018

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Research on Personal Data by Prof Glenn Parry

29 March 2018

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The year of truly

personalised reading

January 2018: A new wave of decentralised networks will enable smarter recommendations -
By Natalia Kucirkova

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HAT data ownership model featured in the Royal Society, British Academy and TechUK report on Data ownership, rights and control

12 December 2018

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NS Tech reports on Chinese investment into HAT-enabled scale ups

4 July 2018

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Is data protection compatible with innovation and disruption?

March 2018

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HAT in CL News

28 March 2018


Data Gold Mining

10 March 2018



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HAT provocation of the Royal Society's report on data management and use

October 2017

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Australian Government report on Data Availability and Use mentions HAT

8 May 2017

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Taking back control - FT

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Getting Control of Your Data

HAT in Prosa Denmark

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Hub of All Things secures funding to develop consumer-controlled personal data exchange

HAT Data Exchange, the technology company behind the Hub of All Things personal data exchange ecosystem, has secured funding and expertise from Amadeus Capital Partners and Humayun Sheikh, exiting seed stage to promote the development of its privacy-preserving online infrastructure.


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Creating new markets with the Hub-of-all-things

Irene CL Ng says a new methodology is emerging that will resolve the crisis developing in the IOT-world of customer data as governments, companies and individuals wrestle over who should own it.

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On this week’s episode of The Innovation Engine podcast, we’ll be talking about The Hub of All Things, aka HAT.

HAT featured in Inc.


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