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The HAT project started as a 6-university project funded by the RCUK Digital Economy programme. Over the years, our community of research have widened to include higher education institutions and grant projects from all over the UK and globally. Many operate their own HATLABs, where, together with the foundation, they do cutting edge research on the personal data economy, contributing to the open source code and conducting research that can help individuals, corporations and society thrive in an equitable manner. HATLABs are Research and Innovation Labs located within a higher education institution, where they often provision HATs from their own independent HAT cluster.

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the Behavioral-visibility-in-Data (BEVID) INitiative

The ability for individuals to share their own data has only been possible recently, with the HAT (the Hub of All Things) technology that enable individuals to collect their own data from a range of Internet services and IoT devices. Individuals can donate or exchange their actual behavioural data, resulting in the possibility of individual behavioural data becoming a source for a new scientific method. The BeViD method is a collaboration of a team of researchers to craft the classic steps of any scientific process: observation; putting forward hypothesis; making predictions as well as testing the predictions by the controlled analysis of other individual BeVID records and finally creating conclusions on the basis of the analysed information. 

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The DIgital person: a symposium with Wolfson College, Cambridge

The use and manipulation of our personal data is of enormous global concern.  The Digital Person symposium is an annual event that discusses personal data from three perspectives: digital personhood, law, freedom and democracy (2) personal data as an asset and the economic/business models (3) private analytics, data science and technology.  The symposium produces a white paper annually on the science and art of the digital person. With broad-ranging appeal, the series is designed to interest those in the sciences, humanities and social sciences with discussions relating to law, computer science, history, sociology, entrepreneurship, business, economics  and the global society. The Symposium is organized jointly by Wolfson College Cambridge and the HAT Community Foundation.


Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE)

CADE is the HAT's annual summer conference, where researchers, practitioners, students and policy makers gather to discuss the art and science of the digital and data economy in Venice, Italy! Foundation members get 20% off participation fee (registrations open in April).

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HAT Courses on moodle

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Claim your Data initiative

The foundation supports our members claiming their data as part of subject access and GDPR data portability