Innovation and HATLAB

HAT-LAB ( is HCF’s “vehicle” for innovation in the HAT ecosystem and is the ecosystem’s primary catalyst for growth. It does this by:

  • Informing policy on the use and ownership of personal data;

  • Commissioning and supporting high impact academic research; and

  • Providing industry and businesses with a route to impact/market for HAT-based outputs.

HAT-LAB is a managed collaboration between academic institutions and business interest engaged or otherwise interested in research and early stage development based on or involving the use of personal data.

The rationale for the management layer of HAT-LAB is the value proposition to 1) participating business or public sector organisations and 2) participating academic institutions and their Principal Investigators:

  1. Enabling fast-track business adoption or use of the HAT open source assets and integration with the HAT ecosystem, and

  2. Enhancing the impact and the value of research, leading policy development and business adoption.

It does so by:

  • Making research tools available (based on the HAT and including fee-free access to DataSwift proprietary tools including the HATDeX Platform).

  • Supporting grant applications and facilitating industry collaboration for government grant-funded projects (primarily UKRI projects).

  • Facilitating collaboration to accelerate innovation through community building and community events including the annual Wolfson-HAT Symposium on the Digital Person.

  • Providing an accelerated route to implementation and impact through DataSwift as the preferred solutions partner.

  • Providing HAT-based training and education – for academics and industry – again working with DataSwift.

HAT-LAB as a division of HCF may also use Member’s and other business funding to sponsor specific research projects (being undertaken as part of, or independently from academic grant funding) or to initiate new projects that further HCF’s innovation objectives.

The long term aspiration for HAT-LAB is that it will become increasingly influential in the multi-disciplinary field of personal data and transform into an internationally respected and funded research institute.