HAT Microserver Instructions (HMI)

HAT Microserver Instructions (HMI) is a set of instructions given by a HAT owner to his/her HAT at the request of a HAT-enabled application (“the application”). This set of instructions is logged by the HATDeX Platform (operated by Dataswift) as an exchange between the HAT owner and the company that runs the application. HATDeX platform logs the following information

  • the HMI ID and version number

  • The date and time the HMI ID and version is confirmed

  • The Instructions (permissions and executions) carried out by the HAT owner including any data debits as well as the list of data attributes exchanged through API calls

  • the HATDeX rating declared by the application at the point of exchange

  • Statistic reporting to both parties on the exchange


HAT Terms of Service


DEX logs

HAT Microserver Instruction requested by HAT-enabled Application on HATDeX platform

4.1 Instructions to Microserver - Full.png
1.2.3 HAT Integration - Light - Segmented 2.png
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