HAT-enabled Application

HAT-enabled Application (“App”) is a third-party service that may or may not be part of HATDeX Services. HATDeX make various "apps" available on the HATDeX Platform. Such applications are licensed and not sold to individuals and the individual licence to use the application will be dependent on their acceptance of additional terms (including in some instances payment terms) contained in an End User Licence Agreement that they will need to accept before using the application. Apps provide HAT owners with a service using a designated namespace in their HAT Microservers as data storage, and also enable HAT owners to exchange other HAT data with the App. HAT owners enable Data Plugs and Apps to act on their HAT Microservers by way of instructions (See legal definition of HAT Microserver). Apps enter into a contract with HAT owners through HAT Microserver Instructions (HMIs)


HAT Terms of Service


Irene Ng