HAT: About and Purpose

The HAT microserver is a new, fully scalable and advanced technology that confers intellectual property rights of personal data to individuals through their ownership of a dedicated database, wrapped with containerised microservices. The HAT microserver is fully portable across devices, but is commonly hosted in the cloud. It is issued by a “trust anchor” and by way of its legal, economic, technology architecture and through decentralised databases, the Intellectual Property Rights of personal data within can be legally owned, controlled and processed by individuals. Individuals can install “data plugs” to bring their data in from the Internet, exchange data with applications through “data debits” and install tools in their microservers to have private analytics and algorithms for insights into their data, their health, their history and their memories. The HAT is fully open sourced but services in the HAT ecosystem are built by commercial as well as non-profit organisations.




Irene Ng